Internet Radio-From Basement to Penthouse in Just One Click

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

You have probably heard it a thousand times that “content is king”. Well, I believe in this computer age, it is more true than ever. I may be bias because I build my reputation and business on fresh, original, humorous, clever content that creates a response from viewers most o what we see and hear  today in most forms of media is safe, clean sophomoric, . Yes, I get the dumbing of America, but I don’t like it amd frankly i ain’t gonna buy into it. Matter of fact, is is more like the insulting of America. The Super Bowl ads were proof of this. There were very few clever ads. And the others were simple cliches of previous ads without even a twist.

And so we atre back to content. Ideas. We all have them in some form. But if you do not. The trick is find someone who does. The trick is not finding someone with the latest Apple computer. The beauty of modern day technology is that it allows non techy people the freedom to make their ideas shine and global. Yes global. I am a professional cartoonist who uses a $75 Dell PC I found on Craigslist three years ago to create my Hoylarious cartoons which are sent world wide. My clients don’t hire me for my computer, office or the car I drive. They hire me because they know I will create great, original content aimed at their audience. So my my message today is not to sell out to the Man or society norms. If you personally aren’t creative don’t hire someone is not creative as well….Don’t think you are playing it safe and don’t be fooled by a shiny new computer….






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