Humor as a Tool

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I  remember 15 years ago when I was approached by a business owner after I had performed an improv comedy show in at the Star Theater in Scottsdale. He claimed he loved the show and would like me to perform a his company’s annual party. The pay was $300 for three hours and I would be a 6 2″ chicken. Plus, he would throw in the chicken suit. (Their mascot was a chicken). Well, I did the gig and many more  that followed. It was easy money, but I felt a bit poulrty..(is that a word)?

Yes, I felt used…ha. I also felt like there was no connection to my comedy, the audience or the message and mission for the company I was representing. Eureka, I thought..humor is not an appetizer. Humor is the wine or the drink of fun that flows throughout in moderation.. Humor is a tool and can be a weapon of choice. If in the right hands, humor is a very powerful asset.

And so I began to use humor as a tool in my approach with helping businesses become likeable without having to pull anyone’s finger. Yes, humor is like the mayo to sandwich where it adds just enough slippery to allow the meat and bread to slide down one’s throat.

So the gist of my message is to use humor as a tool..not that entree. And do note that going for the joke or trying to be funnier than the company’s secretary or boss will never work.


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