Does The Pope Poop In the Woods?

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This cartoon is a scene from the new Noah movie starring Russell Crowe. Well, it may not be in the movie. But the fact that Noah could get a bear on that big boat or even a lion is amazing. I don’t know much about Noah or the Bible because i was raised Catholic. Yes, ironically Recovering Catholics like myself don’t know much about the Bible, religion as a whole or how planes can actually fly or how Honey Boo Boo got her own show. We do know alcohol, guilt, forgiveness and where to get the best low cost therapy in town.

However, today’s blog is not about Catholics or religion or even Noah. It is about bears pooping in the woods. Or is it about the Pope pooping in the woods. I always screw that metaphor up. If it is even a metaphor. Either way, I think a bear should be able to poop where he wants. I had an uncle in Michigan named Wild Bill, who had a pet bear. It was so cool. This bear would go everywhere with him. They were inseparable until the the bear bit my uncles hand off when he was feeding him Fig Newtons. I know crazy huh? Who would think a bear would like Fig Newtons, but this bear did. Figs do have tons of fiber too. I am a Snickers person, however. Not that I think Fig Newtons are candy bars. They are in the cookie family.


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