Water Coolers are Greek to Me

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The ol’ water cooler in a company’s break room dates back to when the Greeks had water come into their “offices’ through a complex system of aqueducts. Could you image how that water tasted with all the sediments and waste that were transported with it. That is why the life span of a Greek citizen in those days was like 28 years old.  Well, there are other reasons as well such as no penicillin so a bout of the flu or claimidia would kill you in three weeks. Also, poisoning, bludgeoning and stoning your neighbor were perfectly legal. I guess my Uncle Gus was part Greek and had a very bad temper. He was adopted by my grandfather because my grandfather was owed $430 from Gus’s dad. All I remember about my Uncle is Gus is that he smelled liked Slim Jim’s, the skinny sausage/beef jerky snacks you find at grocery stores. He ate like seven a day and would make necklaces out of the wrappers to sell.

I dated a girl would was Bolivian and was adopted by a very (almost clear) white Irish family. Seriously, these people were so white, they made  Wayne Brady look black.

The dad was the worst. He had to put sunscreen at night because he actually got moon burn. It is actually a condition. look it up.  I had never heard of it either. There are so many crazy diseases out there. There diseases like trimethylaminria, which causes patients to smell like rotting fish. Then there’s Blue skin disorder, A large family simply known as the “blue people” lived in the hills around Troublesome Creek in Kentucky until the 1960s. They were the blue Fugates. Most of them lived past the age of 80, with no serious illness – just blue skin. The trait was passed on from generation to generation.

I have never been to Kentucky. But my neighbor got an Irish setter from Kentucy. That dog was great, but was always covered with ticks and would eat its own feces so my mom wouldn’t let it lick us.


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