Marlboro Anyone?

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It’s funny when I look at this cartoon. I am not sure what disturbs me most that I didn’t capitalize the name Penny or that this lady can smoke upside down. Either way, this thing is circulating throughout the internet as we speak. How far will it go? I have no clue. Rumor has it that a guy in Germany saw and read one of my cartoons. I guess he laughed which for a German can be rare. Or is that some sort of cliche? I don’t know. But I do know that Germans are a misunderstood breed of culture. Hitler did not help with his lack of any PR campaign strategy. However, Octoberfest has and is a real winner. This event is now world-wide and is held in October.

Halloween is another German and October event. Hallow which in German means “scary” and ween which means “day of”. So it is really the day of being scared not just the night time. I guess they added the tradition of trick or treating for candy so kids could be lured into houses easier. Kids stopped entering houses in 1955 when Germany outlawed curtains. Hotels have the best curtains because some rooms have such thick curtains, you can make a room dark in the middle of the day.

Nothing beats napping in the middle of the day. Well, maybe finding $20 in your jean pockets or finding out the baby your girlfriend is carrying is not Jamal’s or even hers. I have had many scares with girls and getting pregnant. Some girls fake being pregnant so they don’t have the change the cat litter or buy dope for you.

I actually once drew a cartoon of a cat smoking dope. The caption is “I started with catnip.”  Catnip is like cat dope. They go crazy. I had one cat that got so high on catnip that he literally thought he was Napoleon for three days He wore a hat and everything.


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