Laughter? Exit stage right…Now

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized


I think we all remember our first experience with alcohol unless you start with chugging Jack Daniels straight at your first high school kegger. Then you will not remember anything like the stripping down to your undies and starting a fight with the toughest lesbian in school. I had to transfer schools after that and because our my math teacher kept exposing himself to me and a foriegn exchange kid from Japan. As kids you do learn to adjust.

My new school was a new beginning for me. I was a sophmore and began to notice pubic hairs…on all the other kids in gym class. I would not even get armpit hair until I was 19. My parents said I was a late bloomer and a big disappointment. So did a substitute teacher, Mrs. Fuchs. She wrote her name in cursive so it always looked like Mrs. Fucko. The first time I called her Mrs. Fucko, the whole class laughed. The second time I said it, some giggled and the third time I called her Mrs. Fucko, no one laughed and I was ignored for the rest of the week. I also spent two weeks outside of the principal’s office folding flyers for the girls volleyball bake sale. However, this was my first lesson in comedy. When you get a laugh stop….leave stage …take a bus, cab or bike home. There was a whole episode on Seinfeld about this with George getting a laugh.

I would say this was the turning point in my comedy career. Stop while you are ahead and or get a big laugh or any laugh at all especially  at  funerals.



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