A Man’s History of Cannabis Sativa Indica

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
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When I was doing research for this cartoon, I wanted to get everything right. I didn’t want to rely on hearsay or the Bible as my only reference in regards to when marijuana was first introduced to “Man”. Yes, it seems that Cannabis Sativa Indica.first originated on what we know as the continent of Africa thousands and thousands of years ago. The exact date is not know,  but it is known that the cavemen of that period first started using Cannabis Sativa Indica. leaves as clothing because of it’s resilient and body flattering properties.

Coincidentally, oral sex was introduced at that same perod as Man observed wild dingos licking their own  balls. The homo sapiens at that time were very intrigued by this and tried to do it themselves to no avail. A human spine is not built like a dingos so very few men could accomplsh licking their own balls. However. for some reason the darker members of the tribe could actually reach their own penises.This caused a riff in the tribe and soon the tribes were seprtaed into two factions, the Autofellatios and the Cracker Crew.

However, the Cracker Crew soon discovered others could help them suck their penises.  It was also discovered at the same time that as these Men sucked or had their penises sucked, the “sucker” was feeling the effects of getting “high”. This was caused because the Cannabis Sativa Indica.leaves they were wearing had left a residue of TetraHydroCannabinol. (THC)  (the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the effects of a euphoric feeling), on their penises. The friction of such an act actually heated the substance up to create a chemical reaction in the brain. This is where  the term “smoking pole” came from. (The term bow-job came much later after the Quackers invented the straw).

After many centuries of these acts, a German Autofellatio caveman by the name Schnoop Hund, discovered the actual connection with  TetraHydroCannabinol, Cannabis Sativa Indica and the newest invention, fire. He began to experiment himself with lighting this substance and smoking it. This allowed everyone to get high without going down on some dude, though some guys just liked going down on dudes. Plus, at the same time the Ice Age was approaching, so Man traded in the Cannabis Sativa Indica leaves as clothing for the much warmer fur outfits  you see depicted in many movies and magazines.

Today, the marijuana industry and the controversy it causes is alive and well. Many states are climbing aboard the legalization train while others states are in complete denial that pot is  the devils work. Ironically, marijuana is God’s work. If you read

Corinthians 4:20 it states:”God has given and taken, but what is left are the beauties of the soul and mind upon Earth. Let the day be lighted by an eternal sun as the night is lighted by a cosmos of little doobies.”





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