Stop Fat People from Riding Animals

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of horses, donkey’s or even camels that have to carry rather large people on their backs?  I do. The poor animals have no say most of the time. Do they want a small kid or an anorexic person to carry down the Grand Canyon? I believe: Yes. In no way am I suggesting that  fat people shouldn’t be so fat. Well in a round about way, I am saying just that. Not only is America getting browner with the growing population of Latinos, we are also getting fatter.

I embrace the browning of America because that is what we are: a melting pot of cultures and races. I just worry about the Canadians. Most of them are white, but they usually come across as pink. I have been to Canada ( the Canadian side of Niagara Falls) once and was bitten by a black squirrel when I tried to feed it a cookie by hand. It did hurt, but I forgave the squirrel. he was hungry and thin. He was just trying to stay alive in the Canadian winter. I still have no clue why my dad brought us to Niagara Falls in the winter.

Regardless, my point is that we all should have freedoms. Animals that carry fat people are no different. Yes, we have seen Jared Fogel, the spokesperson for Subway, lose 300 pounds. And yes, we have seen Al Roker lose weight and Cher’s daughter ,Chaz become her son. But what about all those Kirstie Alley’s out there who gain weight without regard to the animals they ride. I read in People Magazine that Kirstie Alley, Kathleen Turner and Melissa McCarthy all went on a donkey ride through the hills of Peru for three days and actually weighed more after the trip because they ate the donkeys they were riding when a local McDonald’s was closed for remodeling.

Hannibal is to blame for all this animal riding. He was the guy who had his troops ride elephants through the Alps ln 218 BC. Even those animals complained of how heavy some of the fat soldiers were. It is written in journals the elephants kept. Which is strange. To me elephants writing in journals on a daily basis is more miraculous than them walking through the Alps with men on their backs. Do you know how amazing that is? I find it hard to write in a journal on a weekly basis. Everyday is not easy. Plus, where did they carry the journals?




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