Sexual Harassment is a Touchy Subject

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It seems that sexual harassment is a very touchy subject these days in the workplace which include large corporations, small business and even strip clubs. I have noticed that sexual harassment goes both ways for women and men. No one wants to go to work and worry about being sexual harassment with the looks, comments, ass-grabbing or cigar insertions. We had enough of that through the Clinton administration.

My gosh after doing my in-depth research on the internet about sexual harassment, I was distracted by all the great porn. You should see what ladies can do with a cucumber, some cottons and in in the Aukland Islands.many of these sites are free, but some have a three day trial period for only like $1.99.

And then there is an organization in Atlanta, Georgia. They are called, W.I.S.H., women ignored by sexual harassment. There are many women out there that are ignored by sexual harassment on a regular basis. This is sad that all women or men can not enjoy the actual benefits of being sexual harassed on a regular basis.



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