So many jobs

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized


I have had so many jobs that I seriously lost track of the actual number. Some of these jobs I was over-qualified for and some I was not qualified at all. I was once fired in an interview. My first “real” job was working at Dairy Queen in Mesa, Arizona. My friend’s parents opened it and hired all of his friends which was probably why they had to close shop a year later. And because friend’s dad burned the place to the ground after the body he was hiding in the cooler began to stink. I always wondered why he didn’t put that body in the freezer.  It wouldn’t have decomposed so quickly.

Either way, I then had to get another job. I was a senior  in high school  and had a year of experience cooking burgers and making Dilly Bars so I pretty much could write my own ticket. I ended up taking a job at Dominos Pizza as a  delivery guys. They said the tips were great and I could take home any pizzas left over at the end of my shift. The only problem was that i didn’t own a car. The first week of delivery wasn’t to bad because the deliveries were close to the shop. Plus, I could hop on a  bus to some of the deliveries. After a week, my boss did ask me why it took me almost 3 hours to deliver each pizza. It was then I told him I didn’t have a car.  I was surprised at his reaction. He actually smiled and said I could use his car. I was in luck, but then the request for blow jobs got to be too much. I told him I won’t do it, but I had a friend who may. Well, it workout perfect. My friend Byron had been bi curious for years and he gagged at the chance. My boss was happy about it as well. They ended up moving in together and opened a thrift store for amputees.

I worked ended up graduating from high school and was off to Arizona State University for my freshman year. My first job in college was a a busboy at LaFontoia Mexican food on Rural road. I worked there for two weeks until I showed up one day and the doors were locked so I went home and finished



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