Damn You Dingo

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This cartoon was inspired by the story of a dingo eating a baby in Australia a couple decades ago. Come to find out the parents had covered the baby in ranch dressing and sent him in the the Outback to collect wood for the fire. I think the baby was rather young, but  in Australia people mature much faster than in the US. Well, we all know that ranch dressing taste great with anything. And studies found that dingos are no different. If something is covered with ranch, they will eat it. I do not believe most studies, but for some reason I believed this one. 

It is crazy how many studies the government does. They do all sorts of studies like the effects of smoking on the body and obesity in children. My favorite  study was about why certain people cannot snap their fingers or shuffle cards. I never knew that over 45 million Americans are effected by this. And yes there are people who can do both at the same time. It turns out that there is a certain gene that effects this human process. Scientists and the government have poured thousands of hours and money into this defect. In Norway, they are testing fetuses in the womb to check for this mutant gene or there the lack of. It is illegal to terminate a pregnancy in Norway, but they do have a small island off the coast where these mutant kids are raised and taught to make hammocks and ceramic toothbrush holders.

Those against fetal testing suggest they test babies straight out of the womb. They do this by placing a deck of cards in the babies hands and playing jazz  music rather loud. They know right away if the baby is unresponsive to snapping to the music or shuffling the cards. It is then the doctors with place a small microchip under the babies collarbone to track his whereabouts  and they tattoo, “No Good” on the baby’s left forearm.


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