I Don’t Own a Boat

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am not a big water or boat person so I do not own a pool or a boat of any size. I just thought I would throw that out there. I actually do not own much. I am what they call a minimalist. If I buy a shirt, I get rid of a old  shirt. If I buy a new book, I will give one I have read to someone who cannot read. Its so funny to see an illiterate person’s face when you hand them a book.  So precious. And if I get a new wife, I will push the other one into a fast moving river. Some may say that is wrong or outright mean. However, I have been married to some wonderful swiimmers and I really am not a mean person by nature. Actually I am kind of nice at times.

When I think of mean, I think of people like Hitler, Bin Laden or Eddy Macnally, the kid in my 3rd grade class that putting a sharp pencil under my buttocks when I went to sit down. That was painful. It went right into my right buttcheek muscle. That kid was mean. He was the type of kid who would pull the wings off of butterflies, cut in line and urinate in your lunchbox. Him and I still keep in touch through Facebook. I guess he had a tuna sandwich with Swiss cheese the other day. That is the beauty of Facebook, you can find out things about former classmates and friends that you had no clue about. Another one of my former high school classmates is running for City Council in Tempe, AZ . Another just bought a fish hatchery in Greer, AZ. My former co-worker, Brent Marshall just had his penis removed for a vagina, but wants to keep his chest hair.

So that is why I keep Facebook going and adding friends that I can. Heck, maybe one of my old or new friends will have a boat or pool.


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