Camp Wamagai I Curse You

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My Uncle’s last words upon his death bed were, “Who cleans up the poop in dog heaven?” And yet he never owned a dog. We all thought that was a rather strange thing to say, but his liver was so shot that it effected his brain chemistry and bodily functions. I remember visiting him in the hospital when he first got ill. It was fun because the room-mate was a guy in a coma and my brother and I would draw spiders all over this guy. The nurses would freak out because we would actually using shading when drawing to give the spiders some depth.  I learned that technique from Mark Finger who was in my second thru 6th grade art class. All he would draw were sharks and ironically he married a girl who’s last name was Finn and and they named their kid Gil.  To top all that off the whole family was eaten by the same shark at different times within a three year period and with in 600 miles of each feeding.

I am just not a water person. Not a big fan of boats or being out on the ocean. I am terrified of lakes because of my terrible experiences at Camp Wamagai in upstate when I was 8. Our camp councilor would make us get up at like 8 in the morning and swim in the lake for an hour. After that he would house us down and then when we were at breakfast, he would take all of our underwear from our tents and throw it up in the “Underwear Tree”. My tent-mate, Gerard  was so embarrassed that this guy did this that he literally had a nervous breakdown and took the lunch lady hostage for over 2 hours in the mess hall. He released her and then was taken to the camp’s psyche ward for evaluation. That was the end of our two weeks so we all went home, but they kept Gerard for another three years. Rumor has it he escaped and made his way down to Ohio where he opened and bait shop.



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