Damn You Cartoon Illustrator Dude

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I was asked to illustrate this cartoon for a guy who worked for a company I was told not to mention. However, it is a company that makes sugary soda and it is not Pepsi or RC Cola. Either way this guy was about to quit his job and wanted to somehow kill his boss as well. I told him that he should at least warn his boss so he could get his affairs in order. So is drew this cartoon as more of a storyboard. Well, tums out the boss went down to the Caribbean for a week and was stabbed in a cab by a guy from New Jersey. So ironic. The boss was treated at a nearby hospital and came back with some sort of infection that ate away at his retinas. And in four months he became legally blind. So this guy who hired me had to read his death threat out loud. The boss made him read it in an English accent which made all the other workers gather around. They then asked if he could read it in different accents. This went on for a few hours until 5pm. All the employees left for the day and my client tore the cartoon up cursing my name..Sean Hoy Damn you and your distorted humor. And damn that cat, Cliff you live with.


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