Summer time, Kool-Aid and a Cat

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Ahh summertime: lemonade stands, the beach and police finding all those bodies that were buried in the snow which may sound a bit morbid, but it it true if you live where there is snow in the winter. I live in Phoenix, Arizona where does not snow. I grew up in Syracuse, NY where they get like 233 feet a year or something crazy like that.

We moved because my dad didn’t like driving in the snow and because he was fired from his job for taking home toilet paper and a few forks. He worked as a chef at King Kungs, a Chinese food restaurant in downtown Syracuse. He was devastated when he was fired and my mom had to go back to work as a chemical engineer for the Dial Company that makes soap and other household products. She enjoyed the work. but was bit in the hand by one of the monkeys they tested the chemicals on. It didn’t heal well and she got an infection. She had her left hand amputated from the elbow down That is when the litigation started. My mom ended up suing Dial for $38.000. She won and after lawyer bills we had $12,000 left.

It was then my parents bought a white station wagon and we drove to Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of June with our cat, Martin. Yes, me and my three other siblings piled into that car with no air conditioning. My parents picked Arizona because the doctors said my mom’s stub would heal better in a drier climate. During the trip we stopped at all the tourist sights like in Kansas to see the largest ball of twine and Hastings, Nebraska where Kool-Aid was invented.

We grew up on Kool-Aid so it was such a treat to see the town it was invented in. They give out free samples at all the restaurants, bars, and cult meetings.

By the time we got to Phoenix, it was 110 degrees. It was like pulling up to Hell. Luckily the condo we rented had air conditioning and a  pool. It was funny because at that time you had to wait an hour after you ate to swim, but we didn’t use sunscreen. My brother would get so red that we called him Lobster Bob even though his name was Rudy.

We did adjust to the heat as best we can and my dad found a job re-filling vending machines at a near by casino. He loved that job and when my mom went to visit him at the casino everyone would laugh at her and say, “Here comes the on-arm bandit.”


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