Monkeys Love Hiltons

Posted: July 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Dating is not easy, but with the invention of drones and the so many drone dating services, you can literally have a date dropped off at your door. It beats the old school ‘Mail Order’ brides that they actually mailed. That is why so many mail order brides are from countries with smaller peoples….like Asians because postage can get expensive. My uncle had a mail order bride from Thailand. She didn’t speak English and brought her grandfather and a monkey with her.

It was kind of funny because my uncle acted so macho.He thought he was tough, but this monkey could beat him in arm wrestling. I guess because monkeys are real strong for their body weight and size. One day the monkey bit my uncles left pinkie toe off. It was crazy. My uncle didn’t seem to mind because he actually was trying to stab him. The monkey was just defending himself.

Well, my uncle ended up dying from a terrible infection he got from using rusted forks.

The monkey ended up living his last few years in a Hilton.



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