Hot Hikers in AZ & Ghostbusters Review

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Hello everyone this is Marv Clemins, your movie reviewer guy. Gosh. I have now done 17 movie reviews. And that doesn’t include the Asian Shemales on Crackers Series I did for Thailand Theater Studios. Or the documentary I reviewed about my Aunt Pam who loved Spam so much that she actually legally changed her cat’s name to Canned Meat..

Well, I have always loved movies. My favorite movie is Kramer vs Kramer cuz It was the first movie I saw as a kid that didn’t have subtitles…and I loved the movie Nanook of the North because of the nudie scenes.. I remember seeing it in health class at school…made me feel warm, wet and fuzzy…but it turned out to be my overactive bladder

My favorite animal documentary is one about the Flight and Life of the Monarch Butterfly.. did you know that they fly from Mexico to takes them like three years..and three genrations cuz they die along the way. They start as catpliiars..callipiters.. I can never say that word.. dammit.. cat tippers…anyway…its like 3000 miles they travel and they don’t get lost… heck my grandma gets lost pulling out of our driveway …its getting worse ever since she lost her driver’s license , her eye sight and mind.. but she is a stubborn one..

heck sometimes I get lost in my basement…cuz it’s a big basement and cuz our Gimp rearranges the furniture all the time..

Ok,,today I will be reviewing  the new Ghostbusters movie…It’s a remake of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, Dan Akroid, Harold ramis and Ernie Hudson and sigorney weaver.. now that’s a woman I wouldn’t go to Cheese Cake Factory with…I read somehere that she chews with her from the and is lactose intolerant.

Well speaking of woman.. The new Ghostbusters cast is all women.. with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig , Leslie jones and Kate Mckinnon.. It shows how far women have come ever since they got the vote and portable tampons. times have changed…its good to see equality…for woman

(basement door opens)

Marv’s mom…Marvy…you need a snack..

Marv: Mom,.I am doing my movie review thing….and yes I need my movie reviewer snack.. some hummas and pita chips… Root beer…and those muffins you made yesterday, but fresh ones and not muffins more like cupcakes.. heavy on the frosting… and peel the paper please….and you forgot to iron my Movie Reviewer shirt… its all wrinkly ….and is chaffing me..

( back to show)

Sorry about that… where was I oh ya.. Ghostbusters with a woman cast.. so funny..this movie has ghosts that give the ladies green pearl necklesses of green slime…kind of like the Asian Shemale movies I review.. but the women in those movie have have penies and their slime isn’t green.

We have a haunted house in our town… its haunted by a couple who died many years ago after playing Jenga…They call it the Chapman Chaunted Chouse… that’s called alliteration.. cuz everything things starts with CH… anyway.. Mr. Chapman… actually choked on Jenga piece… thinking it was a cheese puff…I guess his wife tried to give him the Heimlich, but didn’t remember how to do it correctly…as she started searching on the internet to see how to do the hemlich..Mr. Chapman dislodged the piece himself…they resumed the game of Jenja… but strangley enough… two years later they were found dead in their living room…of what the cornenor called… super gross and really weird with lots of blood and yucky stuff…coming out of their rather large abrasions…the town people believed they were killed by the pycho-path, syzophrenic, ex convict they were fostering …but I think it was some bad veal….either way  every night around 11 pm… the house lights go on there and you can hear jengaaaa pieces  falling…on a wooden table and spooky laugher coming from the house……it is weird…..and scary cuz the family that lives in the house now  don’t even have jenga …


I recoomend the new Ghostbuster movie to anyone who wants to laugh… and see ghosts.. my wife liked that Chris Helmsworth was in it cuz of what she thinks he’s hot… well anyone would be hot if they had his great looks, hot body, sense of humor, smile, nice butt and sexiness. And he’s Austrailian and they eay Vegimite sandwiches that are full of Hot Guy protiens…just look at Hugh Jackman, Liam Hemsworth and Luis Guzman…

I give The new Ghostbusters  seven bras a burning   and two Vegimite sandwiches

Join me next week when I will be reviewing the documentary

About people with the disorder that makes them only eat foods that begin with p  and they can’t see the colors orange or light grey. It’s called Hold My Pickle…


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