Flashers and Pants for Eggs

Posted: August 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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When I was growing up I remember stories my uncle told my brother and I about unicorns, rainbows and yes the occasional flasher. Funny. my uncle  met his first wife when he was flashing  in a park outside of Washington D.C. I guess in those days flashing was different because flashers would give out fortune cookies and little prizes if you started longer than 15 seconds.  The early 70’s were crazy with all the free love, bra burning, women smoking while pregnant, disco music and that bad batch of Kool-Aid.

However, quite a few people survived and the art of flashing soon disappeared being replaced by the movie Blue Lagoon which starred  Brooke Shields. My brother said he saw Brooke Shields in a yogurt shop in North Hollywood once. He said all  she put on her yogurt were raisins and yellow sprinkles. It seems like an odd choice. I can see a variety of colors for the sprinkles, but raisins are an odd fruit to start with. And don’t get me started on banana flavored glue. Seriously, have you seen this? 

In this world of excess it seems like people are inventing more useless things like the Jaws of Life.  But one product that every household should have are egg pants. Yes, you can now buy pants for your eggs. 






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