I Found Waldo…and I Liked It

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Uncategorized
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It is crazy to think after all this time we have not found Waldo. Funny, I had a cousin who always wore a Waldo sweater and couldn’t spell the word ‘restaurant’. He was two years younger than me but got his pubic hair way before me. It was crazy. One day my aunt was hosing us off after our shift at the town’s nuclear plant and there is my cousin with a black pubic hair right below his belly button. My aunt thought i was a tick so she tried to burn it off. but two days later it grew back with a few others. I was so jealous that borrowed my dad’s favorite black sharp and drew a few pubs around my genitals. It looked real from over 15 feet away.

Anyway, that was not an easy Summer due to the heat wave we had and losing my sisters to that cult. But I finally got my own room. The first thing I did in my new room was to put up my hammock. Yes, I sleep  in a hammock. I have ever since my dad did a commercial for a hammock company and they gave him four hammock in lieu of pay. You see my dad is what you call a character actor. He started in high school acting in plays. He got discovered when he was at mall in Kansas and was cast as an acne faced kid in the movie, ‘It’s Gotta be Him” starring Kirk Douglas and Maureen Staplton. He said Kirk Douglas was a prick and Maureen Staplton would flash her boobs all the time.



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