Permission vs Interupting Humor

Posted: March 8, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I believe Seth Godin came up with and/or elaborated on permission vs interruption advertising. This concept can be applied to many things in life such as the use of humor or being ‘funny’. Or the attempt at being funny. I have learned and am still learning this ever so important axiom. No one wants to be interrupted in their day with an in your face ad or an in your face rant that someone thinks is funny.

When you attempt to be humorous and the passengers are not comfy on your bus, you will fail miserably. Not only will you interrupt their peaceful day, you will usually irritate them to the point of dislike. Bless your heart and the many hearts who invade the peace of an innocent fellow human, but don’t force funny. Let it happen. And it will happen.

I find this when I am teaching my improv comedy workshops. I  have those that want to be funny right away. They come in with planned jokes and disrupt ever scene they are in. However, when they learn that getting permission from their teammates who just set them up for a laugh, they are delighted. And as like Pavlovs dogs, they cannot wait for the permission bell to ring.

So when you are wanting to be funny at any given moment. Stop. Wait. Listen. Look for the set-up, set-up…then when permission is given..TWIST!



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