Why Do we Stop Being US in 2nd Grade?

Posted: July 25, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Today there seems to be a lot of talk about transgender, transvestites and the LGBT League of America. I believe in all of it as in we are who we are. Born that way. This way. It is society that has the labels and from the day we are born kicking and screaming, we are told to act and be a certain way to conform to the culture we represent.

And then we are told to just be ourselves. However, the ‘ourselves’ that THEY speak of is the the ‘ourselves’ that fit the mold of a girl or boy in our genre. It continues til we are close to death. Then we sit there and regret who were weren’t-ourselves.

I guess our soul wakes us up for that clear moment to let us know we fucked up. But usually it’s too late. We are gone to where ever you believe your soul, energy, bones or personality go after death. We are talked about a bit and poof….usually forgotten.

Ok, I am not saying this to be morbid or depressing. Just the opposite. My intent for this writing is to be YOU today. Yes the you that has been repressed from the second grade when you noticed that you have your own voice. But you as the  98% of second graders around you choose not to listen. You choose the thoughts of the masses. (Or maybe you didn’t).

Either way, you are you today and your gut knows the way. Be it your are a guy that likes guys or a girl that likes girls or both. Or you want to be an actor and are currently a financial adviser. You know you and be you cuz you are really awesome. None like you. Or me or that guy or girl. Its all about love and giving of that energy.

Not trying to get all tree hugger on ya. Just a thought.


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