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The myth that pitbulls are mean, aggressive, wild, crazy dogs that bite is totally false. Yes some owners make their dogs mean and abuse dogs which is not accepted up in here.

The public needs to be educated that pitbulls, part of the bully breed family were actually called the nanny dog in England. This was because the ‘pitbull’ is great with kids; friendly; social and the most loyal dog you will find.

I have a rottie/pitbull mix and he is probably the most friendly dog i have met. His name is Grayson and he is a lover, not a biter so take that you haters of a breed of dog you don’t know anything about. And unite PitBull, Bully Breed , Rottie and all dog lovers!!!


Dogs Know Best

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The above cartoon deals with a sexual position called ‘doggie style’ which was invent by Rex, a dingo-lab mix who lived in the Caveman period which was a long tome ago. 

Humans developed this method of sex for those cave women who were not very attractive or had not learned to walk upright. 


ImageIn honor of Hand Wash Day, I have decided to draw a hand washing cartoon. So funny about hand washing. We are told to wash our hands after we use the bathroom; after playing outside;after  handling animals; after handling bio-hazardous chemicals and after a good ol’ weasel feces throwing fight. I guess it is a good habit. I had an uncle with one hand who couldn’t wash his hand or clap. I felt sorry for him until he tried to stab me with a fork with his good hand. He died 10 years ago and donated his hand to some kid in Syria.

Well, back to hand washing. It is a good thing to do because of all the germs or is it? I kind of believe that it may be good to have dirty hands to build up immunities to diseases. After all they inject us with diseases like polio to help us not get the disease. I guess my point is that there are signs in public restaurants that urge employees to have clean hands. Not to be nice or flush on not to blow the busboy.

Have a Happy Hand Washihg day.