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Humor can be a very powerful tool when used at the opportune time in the correct circumstance and tone.Many view being funny as a free for all that can be used at anytime at anyone’s expense. I find that ‘being funny’ and ‘using humor’ can be the same and/or be very different. Again, it is the question of timing and your audience. Both are fickle creatures.And both must be taken into consideration when exercising your funny bones and creative muscles.

Timing does take experience as well as an innate ability to ‘read’ the room or person. And some take a while to fully comprehend this. This timing thing. However, it is my belief that it can be taught and honed like any other skill. I have seen it many times in the Improv Comedy Workshops, I teach. Ironically, some students with a flair for humor do not progress as quickly as those that may not posses killer timing. But they listen and set the other ‘player ‘ up which by the way makes him or her look brilliant.

That’s what comedy is . Killer timing and teamwork. Setting your teammate up for the slam dunk..




“There are people in the world so hungry, that if God appeared to them as a Twinkie, they would eat him.”

Mahatma Gandhi

When I first read that quote, I had to re-read it because I thought Twinkie was spelled Twinkee.  But I did a Google search and it is correct. Have you ever done that? You think a word is mis-spelled or you just cannot spell a certain word? Everytime you try, you mis-spell it?
      The mind is literally. I am always concerned that I may get a pre-frontal cortex  head injury and lose my personality because that is where it is stored. In the old days they would remove this from people which was called a lobotomy.
I had a neighbor who had a lobotomy. He was very stoic and never moved off the porch. He would sit there all day on a medium-sized wooden stool and whittle small animals out of wood. His sister would them take these wooden animals to town and sell them for a tidy profit. And  because their over-head was very small they actually lived pretty well. Rumor has it, that he could get like three deer, two rabbits and a bear out of one piece of wood.
Anyway, he had a lobotomy because he tried to mate his gimp with a mastiff. He was going to call the breed a gimpstiff.
Anyway, OSHA go wind of this and turned him in to the authorities. He plead-bargained to have a lobotomy and had to sell his gimp to a gypsy family, instead of serving 5 years in prison and one week house arrest.
I couldn’t image traveling with a gypsy family. My dad said they were very dirty people and prayed to a shoe. My dad was against all religions that were not Irish Catholic. My sister dated a guy that was Lutheran. My dad got so mad he painted “Lutheran Whore Bitch” on our garage door and made my sister outline the lettering in gray to make it look 2-D.


It is so funny how myths or rumors start and/or continue. I remember when I was young the rumor that CHUD’s, (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) lived in the sewer system throughout Phoenix. This scared the bejeeesus out of me and my brother. We thought when our friend, Paul’s dad went missing for two weeks that he was eaten by a CHUD. Turned out he was in rehab for a meth problem. Pauls dad was funny with his one tooth and that he couldn’t say the word “strawberry”. It happens like that though.It is amazing how your brain works. Sometimes you get road-blocks in your mind.

Have you ever thought you recognized someone and it turns out not to be them? Then like a day later you see the real person? I have never done that, but it seems like it would be cool. I also would like to find the guy who puts the Smart Water plastic bottle caps on so tight. Seriously, I am not very weak and it is difficult to turn the lids. Running them under hot water does not work. But that does work for pickle and jam jars.

Ok, another thing about the mind when you talk or hear people talk about food or sleep, you want to eat or sleep. There goes the mind again. It is our sub-conscious. Pornos are the same thing. I was watching one of those gangbang videos called Blacks on Blonde. Then my mind started thinking, “Wow, that is so cool.” Crazy huh?  I never wanted to be black until I saw that video.