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Humor can be a very powerful tool when used at the opportune time in the correct circumstance and tone.Many view being funny as a free for all that can be used at anytime at anyone’s expense. I find that ‘being funny’ and ‘using humor’ can be the same and/or be very different. Again, it is the question of timing and your audience. Both are fickle creatures.And both must be taken into consideration when exercising your funny bones and creative muscles.

Timing does take experience as well as an innate ability to ‘read’ the room or person. And some take a while to fully comprehend this. This timing thing. However, it is my belief that it can be taught and honed like any other skill. I have seen it many times in the Improv Comedy Workshops, I teach. Ironically, some students with a flair for humor do not progress as quickly as those that may not posses killer timing. But they listen and set the other ‘player ‘ up which by the way makes him or her look brilliant.

That’s what comedy is . Killer timing and teamwork. Setting your teammate up for the slam dunk..




I have had a few mentors and inspirational people in my life. One of them was my dad, who was a photojournalist and film professor at ASU.  And the other was a 265 pound, bearded , gay man from LA named Louis Anthony Russo. Louis was my first and only Improv Comedy instructor. He was amazing and had a knack for pulling true talent out of an know it all, wanna be stand-up comedian like myself. He saw the rawness in me as did my father when he wasn’t throwing his light meter throw a window. (Irish temper).

These two men taught me a lot in many ways which most was forgotten until I began to teach people their lessons and wisdom. Funny how that happens,

One thing that they both encouraged me to do was to know what was happened in   history, biology, all the other sciences, planets. the universe, cooking and the list goes on. And if all that failed to penetrate  my brain, they said just to skim what was happening in the world. Meaning know  what is trending and stay tuned to POP CULTURE. It will be the fodder of many punchlines if the time is right.

And so true. As a comedic entertainer , instructor and offbeat cartoonist, I have used pop culture to may advantage to connect to my audience as well as twist the set-up and cliches. They are so valuable and when done right genius.

And that is the key. Using the cliche and or pop culture tidbit serves as the set-up or as I have said in the past , ‘to get them on the bus’ then hit the accelerator.

So please know whatz up…it will save you in times of funny struggle and it will show how hip you are.